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Chairman’s annual report 2008

Chairman’s report 2008

Elton Parish Council
Chairman’s Report – Year ending 30th April 2008
In compiling this year’s Annual Report, may I commence by giving thanks to all who
served on the Parish Council during the year.
Members of the Parish Council as at 30th April were:-
Mr R Elvin Chairman
Mr I Kirk Vice Chairman
Mrs C Bense
Mr J Burgess
Mrs K Dalgleish
Mr R Hidderley
Mrs M Nicholson
Mr M Porter
Mr R Rankmore
Mr R Shrive
Mr C Truman
The Clerk to the Parish Council is Mrs Wendy Gray, to whom we give our special
Of the above Council members, Mr R Shrive was co-opted in October 2007 and Mr C
Truman in Novemeber 2007.
Mr P Mason resigned in May 2007 and Mr S Jones in October 2007.
Our County Councillor, Bill Hensley, has, by invitation, attended several meetings
and his contribution to our discussions has been much appreciated.
I wish to thank our District and County Councillor, Mr Mac McGuire, for his advice
and efforts on our behalf in pursuing our problems at District and County levels.
During the year, your Parish Council has again dealt with a full agenda of topics,
those of main interest being:
• Planning – 14 planning applications came before the Council.
• Finance – May I again record our grateful thanks to John Tindall who
prepared the Parish Council Accounts until 2007 and Paul Taylor for taking
over this responsibility and to our auditors Moore Stephens. A budget for the
financial year ending 31 March 2009 was prepared and approved at the
October meeting. This resulted in requesting an increase in the precept to
£9,950 for the year ending 31 March 2009 (£8,000 for year ending 31 March