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Chairman’s Annual Report 2012

Elton Parish Council


Chairman’s Report – Year ending 31st April 2012


In compiling this year’s Annual Report, may I give thanks to all who served on the Parish Council during the year.


Members of the Parish Council as at 31st April were:-


Mr J Burgess             Mr W Doughty

Mr R Donoyou          Mr R Hidderley

Mr I Kirk (Vice Chairman)

Mr M Porter               Mr R Shrive

Mr R Todd


And to the Clerk Mrs W Gray


During the year, your Parish Council has again dealt with a full agenda of topics, those of main interest being:-


  • Planning – 18 planning applications came before the Council.


  • Finance – The precept for the year ending 31st March 2012 was £11,000 and a £1000 increase has been requested for the forthcoming year.


I would like to close by thanking all my fellow Councillors and

Mr Strowbridge for his efforts on neighbourhood watch.  Also our thanks to Lynda Porter for all her efforts on the Parish Council’s behalf regarding Parish Paths, PCSO Barry Chamberlain our village police officer, our Tree Warden and fellow councillor Richard Donoyou.


Thank you for your attendance.  We will be pleased to answer any questions from the floor.


Chris Truman