Clerks Notes of Meeting 18th July 2017



PRESENT:  Cllrs Cummins, Donoyou, Gentry, Holman, Langlands


IN ATTENDANCE:  Mrs W Gray Parish Clerk, County Cllr S Bywater, 4 members of the public


  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Porter, Rankmore, Smith and Strowbridge, District Cllr R Mathews


  1. Declaration of Interest: Cllr Cummins item 9 (17/01029/HHFUL)


  1. Minutes of 16th May and 20th June 2017:

Cllr Cummins proposed, seconded Cllr Langlands that minutes were approved and signed, all in favour.


  1. Matters Arising from above minutes – update:

Email from Cllr Strowbridge to all Cllrs re monitoring/reporting near misses on the A605 – it was agreed we would invite our PCSO to our September meeting.


The Moorings – email received from Mr Bail re inaccurate statements posted in the minutes – Cllr Donoyou will draft an appropriate response.


  1. YTD/monthly accounts v budget:

Website – email received from Phil Jones who originally built the website advising that needs upgrading, costs involved.  Before a decision is taken Cllr Langlands will look at site during October and relay her findings to the Parish Council.


  1. Authorisation of Payments:
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – Salary/Tax July £300.00
K&M Lighting – Maint (July) £75.25
e-on Electricity Supply July (DD) £230.54


Cllrs Donoyou, Gentry and Langlands approved the above invoices for payment.


Income Received:

HDC Grant towards grasscutting – £734.21


  1. Street Lighting:

County Council changing process of LHI.  Cllr Donoyou arranged meeting with contractor on 19th        September and report back to Parish Council at October meeting.


  1. A605 Junction:

Update from Andrew Preston, CCC Highways and County Cllr S Bywater – the bollards are internally illuminated through the solar panels and the globe illuminates the island itself. This is a standard layout for a traffic island and will be independently audited for safety.  The Police don’t get involved in highway design standards, but may be involved in auditing of designs from time to time. This would also be Derek Crosby, Traffic Management Officer for Cambridgeshire Police, it is only his views that are representative of Cambridgeshire Police, with specific regard to the engineering aspects of the highway.

Speed restrictions are a serious consideration being discussed by officers .  There is an urgent need to cut back vegetation so the traffic signage is visible and the speed camera at least looks operable.

The average speed cameras is still at the suggestion level as it will cost significantly more and will probably have to come under any proposals put by CCC to the Mayor.


  1. Planning:

17/01029/HHFUL – Amendments to approved application 16/02312/HHFUL for the change in door and window materials to Aluminium.   Increase in bifold door span to 4m and change of first floor Juliet balcony doors to conventional 3 light window at 3 Back Lane Elton Peterborough – no objections.


Planning Consultation re 17/00550/OUT re Field to the East of Old Pump House, Old Leicester Road, Wansford – as on our Parish Boundary any comments to be sent to Peterborough City Council.  Thank you note to be sent to Peterborough City Council for copying us into application.


Huntingdonshire District Council – Local Plan – can be viewed from 3.7.2017 until 25.8.2017 at 6.30 p.m.

Cllr Holman will respond on Parish Councils behalf.  Seminar on 8th August – Cllr Smith has offered to attend.  Elton Estates have been approached, will be invited to put forward views into the plan, would like to put before Parish Council what plans they may have.  Sir W Proby proposing a meeting, Cllr Holman will obtain dates.  Meeting now fixed for11th August but only Cllrs Holman and Cummins able to attend.


  1. Trees/Verges and Footpaths:

Iron Bridge – Elton/Nassington – S56 contract has been signed formal notice to be forwarded to NCC.


Elton Lock to Warmington Lock Towpath – NCC legal department have served notice on the 3 landowners who have until 24th August to object, if object will have to go to Public Enquiry.


Grasscutting – weather is dry and grass not growing no need to cut in July.  Cllr Donoyou identified couple of areas that will need attention and will advise contractor, these being area around Overend bus shelter and verge beside privet hedge to Beaulieu House, Back Lane.


Trees sprouting (overgrown bits)!!  Cllr Donoyou will organise a tree trimming day (will email councillors with some dates) during the summer also include trees that are not our responsibility.


  1. The Moorings, Elton:

Elton and Fotheringhay to continue to keep in touch with their concerns, suggest formal meeting with Fotheringhay at some stage.


Course of action:

  1. Ask Mr Proctor if intend to take action etc. Proposed Cllr Cummins, seconded Cllr Langlands.
  2. Meeting with Elton Society and Mr Davies (Fotheringhay) to meet to find out where we are. Cllr Donoyou would be happy to help Cllr Smith.  Proposed Cllr Donoyou, seconded Cllr Gentry.


  1. Village Shop:

Two parties currently interested.


  1. Correspondence:

Fire Authority Response to Police & Crime Commissioner consultation on Fire Service Governance.


Huntingdonshire District Council consultation on Dog Control PSPO –

  • Do we support the principal of retaining the current dog controls? – YES
  • Do we support extending the control measure of requiring those in control of dogs to pick up after them to cover the whole of the District? – NO
  • Do we support the new District Wide control measure requiring those in control of dogs to demonstrate that they have the means of picking up after their dogs, on request? – NO

Cllr Langlands proposed, seconded Cllr Donoyou that above responses are sent to HDC with a question – How many dog owners have been prosecuted?


HDC Textile Bank – more information required (photo of bin) – where would be put it?


  1. Reports from Councillors:

Speedwatch – 6 further people trained.  Parking (school) – parents still parking their cars on road.

Outside Black Horse noticeable downturn of vehicles speeding into the village.  Speed Monitor on Wansford Road not working – Parish Clerk to report.

Yellow Lines – Agreed PC will progress yellow lines on Middle St, Vinco Terrace from School Lane to Overend. Parish Clerk to follow up.

School House – understand School need to apply for budget increase to deal with additional work involved.

Ragwort – bad for any grazing animal, appears to have got a foothold in Elton, field from School down to Chapel Lane, back of Mill down to river (EE land), horse paddock down Duck Street near bridge.  Cllr Langlands will brush up on what the law says about it, Cllr Langlands proposes that we write to all people who own the land where it is growing.  When have found out further information will draft a letter to be circulated to all Councillors, seconded Cllr Cummins.



  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 19th September 2017


Meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.