Minutes 21st February 2017




            Present: Cllrs Cummins, Donoyou, Gentry, Holman, Langlands, Rankmore, Smith and Strowbridge


In attendance: Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Mrs L Jepson


  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr M Porter, District Cllr R Mathews


  1. Declaration of Interest: Cllr Langlands – Planning (interest as a neighbour)


  1. Sibson Airfield Garden Village Proposal:

Awaiting LR details – Cllr Holman to deal with action points.


  1. Minutes of 17th January 2017:

Thanks expressed to Cllr Langlands for taking the January minutes in Parish Clerks absence.  Cllr Gentry proposed, seconded Cllr Smith that above minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of meeting, all in agreement.


  1. Matters arising from above minutes:

Village Walk Around – date agreed 13th March at 10 a.m.  Meet at Highgate Hall.

The Moorings – Elton Society pursuing on our behalf, residential issue has not been approved.  Agenda item for next meeting.  Thank you note to Oliver Nicholson on behalf of Parish Council.


  1. YTD/monthly accounts v budget:

Continue to be on target for year-end estimated figures.  Cllr Rankmore issued final budget             figures to be agreed at March meeting.  Cllr Rankmore enquired if we don’t get £10,000 grant re   lighting do we spend £10,000 out of reserves?  Is PC still committed to expenditure?  We know we            have works that must be done; are there any other things PC needs to include?


  1. Authorisation of Payments:
BCN Multiclean – Bulb Planting (paid 21.1.2017) £150.00
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – Salary/Tax January/February £600.00
Wendy Gray – Printing £70.00
Highgate Hall – Hire of Annexe 20Sept/18Oct/15Nov/20Dec/9Jan/17Jan/24Jan £140.00
K&M Lighting – Maint (January/February) £150.50
K&M Lighting – Replacement Cheque (May 2016) £61.15


Cllrs Donoyou, Gentry and Rankmore approved the above invoices for payment. 


  1. Street Lighting:

Cllr Donoyou reported that we hope to have a decision as soon as possible after 14th March whether           our application has been successful.  The Parish Council thanked Cllrs Cummins and Donoyou for       their efforts in putting forward this application.

Will need to re-think maintenance depending on nature and scope of the works.


  1. A605 Junction:

Cllr Smith has drafted a further letter to be forwarded to our MP, all Cllrs in agreement for letter to be sent.


  1. Planning:

17/00203/FUL – Demolition of existing barn and cart shed and construction of new dwelling at Agricultural Buildings North of Tookey Lodge, Bullock Road, Elton Recommend refusal.  Our understanding and thoughts of the Parish Council are that this proposal is in the open countryside, is not connected with agriculture or associated uses and does not result in the retention and restoration of historic or other buildings that positively contribute to the character of the landscape.  It is therefore contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework.
17/00181/FUL – Change of Use of former School House (C2) to a teaching facility (D1), including minor internal alterations at School House, School Lane, Elton – Cllr Holman referred to various emails to and from School.  The parish council support this application provided that

  1. The accommodation does not result in an increase in the pupil numbers above the current number. A number for the current roll needs to be stated and agreed.
  2. The proposals result in no external changes to the former school house which is residential in appearance and contributes significantly to the conservation area.
  3. A revised travel plan is prepared prior to occupation of the building and commencement of the new use and that the travel plan is specifically considered and approved by the parish council before the new use begins.


Cllr Holman to contact school re matter of the Travel Plan (noted on Planning Portal) concerned that            there is reference to both Cllrs Donoyou and Holman having been a party to producing a plan when          they have had no involvement.


  1. Trees/Verges and Footpaths:

Iron Bridge – Further letter to be sent, RD/RS/MH to produce draft wording.


Tree in Back Lane – residents advised to contact Tree Officer at Huntingdon District Council.


Tree Overend (Mr Duncan) – Parish Clerk to advise him to write to Bridget Halford.


Grasscutting – MH/RD/WG to produce contract.


  1. Correspondence:

Huntingdonshire District Council Parish Council Conference Thursday 30th March – further information will be circulated in due course.


  1. Reports from Councillors:

Cllr Strowbridge offered her apologies in advance as will not be at March meeting.


White Posts on School Lane, some have been broken – Parish Clerk to contact Sophie Parsons in first instance re replacing.


Local Constabulary to risk assess Wansford Road and Duck Street.


When carrying out the Community Speed Watch checks on Overend, there have been a number of        incidents when the volunteers have received inappropriate verbal or gestured signs from members            of the public dropping off children.  Cllr Holman will address matter with Head Teacher.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 21st March 2017


Meeting closed at 9.23 p.m.