Minutes 17th June 2014


ON TUESDAY 17TH JUNE 2014 AT 7.30 P.M.


Present:   Cllrs J Burgess, R Donoyou, I Kirk, Mrs S Strowbridge


In Attendance:   Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk), Rita Mathews, Mr T Cummins, Mr M Porter, Mr R Smith


  1. Apologies for Absence: None


  1. Declaration of Interest: None

Matters Arising:


  1. Co-option of Councillors:

Mr T Cummins, Mr M Porter and Mr R Smith were unanimously co-opted on to the Parish Council and were asked to join the rest of the Councillors in the meeting.  Relevant documentation was completed and signed by each new councillor and given to the clerk for forwarding to HDC.


Cllr Burgess requested that all Cllrs direct all questions through the chair.


  1. Minutes of 20th May 2014:

Cllr Burgess proposed above minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Kirk, all in agreement.


  1. Matters arising from the above minutes:

BT Kiosk – now adopted by Parish Council – BT will be decommissioning, once this has been done defibrillator can be installed.


Footpath from Church to Elton Hall – The Footpaths Officer is sending pack to with forms/letters to complete to set in motion.


Telephone Mast – various companies have been contacted with no response to date.


Stocks Green – email from Cllr MacGuire – Cllrs discussed content, agreed that Parish Clerk would respond “no change to Parish Council’s resolution to see the verge restored to grass”.


Red Bridge improvements – understand work is now complete – advised there is a damaged guard rail, Parish Clerk has reported, awaiting a response.


Great Elton Bike Day – the bike ride went well, over 60 people cycled and over 80 people came to the party and the contribution from CCC was acknowledged.


Tree Preservation Order, Merienda, Greenhill Road – resident expressed concern about Pink Horse Chestnut as understand another request had been made to cut down – HDC have confirmed TPO is still in place and no further requests have been made.


  1. Authorisation of Payments:
CAPALC – Affiliation Fee £247.25
K & M Lighting Services – Maint June 2014 £61.15
Suffolk Acre – Insurance Renewal £371.41
A Flatters – Grasscutting May (incl Greens) £495.00
Wendy Gray – Salary June £240.00
Wendy Gray – Tax June £60.00
Wendy Gray – Expenses £57.75
I Kirk – Petrol for mowers (churchyard) £8.40

Cllr Kirk proposed above invoices approved for payment, seconded Cllr Donoyou, all Cllrs in agreement.

Cllr Kirk had made request that the Grasscutting Contractor cuts the village greens once each month at agreed tender price and he will continue to make an interim cut ie making two cuts in the month instead of one.  All Cllrs in agreement for this to be done.


  1. Street Lighting:

Awaiting further information from maintenance contractor to help resolve issue.


  1. Planning:

1400008FUL – extend the car parking area opposite the Black Horse Pub at Car Park Opposite The Black Horse Inn, Overend, Elton – response as follows “In principle the Parish Council have no objections, but would like to see car park extended behind into the field instead of at the side to lessen impact on conservation area from the road.  It would help if there was hedging (Beech hedging would be our recommendation) behind wall on the roadside boundary, and additional lime trees planted on the south boundary.  The Parish Council would need to be assured no damage to existing lime trees.  The Car Park should be lit, would prefer to see cast iron columns as per the rest of the conservation are.  The Parish Council recommend that Huntingdonshire Planning Department seek a S106 agreement to provide additional cast iron lamp columns in the near vicinity on Overend, an area which is currently well below modern lighting standards.  In particular the entrance to the churchyard from Overend is very poorly lit.  The Parish Council requests that Huntingdonshire Planning Department keeps the Parish Council informed of progress towards these recommendations.”


  1. Trees/Verges:

Feeding and watering of new trees continuing on Sunday evening between 6 – 7 p.m. – volunteers most welcomed.


We need to think about tree planting for the autumn.


Maintenance work will commence on 4th August clearing dead trees, cutting back verges.  Notices to be displayed in areas advising that work is being carried out a couple of weeks beforehand.


  1. Correspondence

Report received from PCSO.


Email from resident – Parish Clerk to thank him for his email advising the answers to his questions can be found on Parish Council website.  With regard to street light outage this has been reported for repair. Advise him he is more than welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.


  1. Reports from Councillors:

Overgrown vegetation outside Old Rectory – highways to be advised.


Peterborough Fishing Club – request made for barbed wire (which is illegal) to be removed on bottom of gate, they were investigating – Parish Clerk to send a reminder requesting if barbed wire is not removed could it be covered.


Open access – Elton Mill field which goes behind along Chapel Lane – is this still “Open Access”, Parish Clerk to investigate.


Elton turn from A605 – continuing concern over junction especially turns.  Protection discussed (as per Warmington).  To be raised at next meeting and discuss with Cllr MacGuire.


Elton Estates sent update that they were still working at signage for Lock Fyne etc and still talking to developers re River Lane.  When they have more information they will come back to the Parish Council.


Sign has been put up near Pumping Station River Lane (opposite Curlhair Studio) –  “Private Elton Fishing Club Only” – Cllr questioning right of way, look at validity with CCC footpath Officer and if necessary serve notice on EE re rights of way.  Cllr Donoyou proposed we move this forward, seconded Cllr Cummins, all in favour.


Meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 15th July 2014