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Minutes 19th January 2016




          Present: Cllrs Donoyou, Gentry, Holman, Porter, Smith and Strowbridge


          In attendance: Mrs W Gray, 2 members of the public Linda Jepson and Sue      Curtis


  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Cummins, Owen and Rankmore, District Cllr R Mathews, County Cllr M MacGuire


  1. Declaration of Interest: None


  1. Minutes of 15th December 2015:

Cllr Donoyou proposed, seconded Cllr Gentry that above minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of meeting, all in agreement.


  1. Matters Arising from above minutes – update:

Speedwatch – cannot be done until April (diary date to set up) – Parish Clerk


  1. YTD/monthly accounts v budget:

Parish Clerk gave an update on the current financial position.


  1. Authorisation of Payments:
K & M Lighting Services – Maint January 2016 £61.15
Wendy Gray – Salary January 2016 £240.00
Wendy Gray – Tax January 2016 £60.00


Cllrs Donoyou, Porter and Strowbridge approved the above invoices for payment.


  1. Street Lighting:

Estimate expected from Skanska for repairing and replacing identified problems in their report – nothing received as yet.  Cllr Cummins to contact Skanska for estimate        to be provided asap.


Emails from Cllr Cummins reported one light in dire need of repair opposite Greenhill Road Junction.  Cllrs Holman and Smith said that the light is outside street limit,           however it does light the junction. Obviously there will be a cost to disconnect it but a       greater cost to replace.  2 illuminated traffic signs not working need reporting to    highways. Cllr Donoyou proposed light should be abandoned, underground      connection should be left in and marked so that if in future if we need to replace there will be no cost renew cabling, look at repairing 30 mph warning       flashing light seconded Cllr Strowbridge, all in favour. 


Street Light outage reported – Bus Shelter (opp Hall) light at end of Chapel Lane and    St Botolphs Green.  Cllr Donoyou proposed, Cllr Smith seconded that we do not         release the maintenance cheque until lights have been   fixed.


  1. A605 Junction:

Cllr Smith provided a draft response to be sent to Shailesh Vara MP.  It was agreed that this would be sent.  Cllr Donoyou reported that we have been asked to respond to the PCC Local Plan and being Peterborough it rules more expansion at Hampton and Haddon and will instigate more traffic.  One of the points we put to PCC S106 improvements, Cllr Donoyou will make sure copy of letter is sent to CCC and Cllr M MacGuire and also get Shailesh Vara MP involved.  It is important we go through the local plan headlining our responses.


  1. Planning:

No new applications received.


Thank you letter received from Bill Emmerson, grateful for Parish Councils involvement with the application.  Over the last couple of years’ comments from the Parish Council have been taken seriously from HDC planning and have taken note of what we have said.


School – The Diocese have been granted planning consent on an extension, and includes the PC representations that as part of any planning consent a travel plan should be agreed before any development takes place.  Suggested PC drop a line to Head Governor or Head Teacher offering assistance should they wish to take up i.e. help to expedite to get things moving on the matter of the Travel Plan?  Letter to be drafted offering assistance and update school on progress PC have been making, copy of draft to be circulated to all Cllrs before sending.


18 Vinco Terrace – part of application has been approved but outer fencing is still with HDC.


  • Transport Grant Update:

Cllrs Donoyou and Holman attended CCC Local Highways Improvement Sub Committee meeting on 11th January.  Cllr Donoyou had prepared paper to put our case for a road crossing between the Black Horse Car Park and Pub.  We do not have a fall back plan as the County were unable to consider more than one scheme.  CCC will consider all schemes put forward over the next couple of months giving a decision sometime during April.  Black Horse Car Park does face a potential obstacle with archaeology problem.


  • Trees/Verges and Footpaths:

Footpaths – resident thanked Parish Council for endeavouring to open a couple of footpaths that have been closed.  Cllr Donoyou reported on the up to date situation and where we are to date.


Trees/Verges – Mr Parkes had requested CCC involvement with pruning ornamental plum tree on verge, permission has been granted.

A resident had previously mentioned that a Rowan Tree outside Rutland House Back Lane might be invading the footpath, Tree Warden Cllr Donoyou will prune back with some loppers.


  • Elton Estates Liaison Meeting:

Meeting scheduled for Friday 22nd January at 12.30 p.m. Cllrs Donoyou, Holman and Strowbridge will be present.


  • Correspondence:

UK Power Networks (power cuts) – copy to be placed on website.


  • Reports from Councillors:

Potholes on Overend opposite Bus Shelter, Junction of Hayes Walk and Brawn Way (in Hayes Walk)


Cllr Donoyou (our Tree Warden) responded to a query on time in the year when not to cut hedges – 1st March to 31st July.


Following some complaints concerning overflying of the village and height of planes from Sibson Flying School – Cllr Holman and possibly Cllr  Cummins will make contact with owner for a visit.


  • Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 16th February 2016


Meeting closed at 8.53 p.m.


Signed: ………………………………                               Date: ……………………..