Minutes 20th October 2015





            Present: Cllrs Donoyou, Gentry, Holman, Owen, Smith and Strowbridge


            In attendance: Mrs W Gray Parish Clerk, District Cllr R Mathews (arrived 7.50 p.m.)


  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Cummins, Porter, Rankmore, County Cllr M MacGuire


  1. Declaration of Interest: Cllr Holman item 13, Cllr Smith item 16


  1. Minutes of 18th September 2015:

Cllr Holman proposed, seconded Cllr Owen that above minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of meeting, all in agreement.


  1. Matters Arising from above minutes – update:

Iron Bridge – Northampton County Council want to replace the bridge at a cost of £200,000 – spoken with engineer asking why it can not be repaired.  Engineer to speak with other engineers from Kier.  PC have resolved to raise funds to assist Northants CC but council appears unable to provide an estimate for the repairs and favours a completely new bridge, but is equally unable to provide a written estimate for this!  Elton PC cannot make a sensible application for grant aid unless we have a reasonably detailed estimate of the costs for which funding is sought.  Northants officers seems unable / unwilling to progress.  Do we ask Heather Smith to intervene on our behalf?  Cllr Owen proposed, seconded Cllr Gentry, all in favour that Cllr Donoyou drafts a letter to Heather Smith.


Elton to Warmington – no further information from Northampton, leave for now.


Willow Brook to Red Bridge – Cllr Holman will speak with Ann Arculus again.


Speedwatch – list of names to be forwarded to Brian Robins.


Cllr Holman will speak with Mike Holland for an update on the Black Horse.


Kerb at Mill House – potholes are dangerous, Les Middleton at Cambs Highways to be advised – also area along Back Lane near Highgate House corner of Rectory Farm Court, Cllr Gentry has photos will forward to Cllrs Donoyou and Holman (build into paperwork for Highway Improvement Scheme).


  1. YTD/monthly accounts v budget:

PKF Littlejohn LLP External Auditor’s Report on Accounts 2014/2015 – CA0080 – on the basis of our review of the annual return, in our opinion the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met – dated 14th September 2015.


  1. Precept 2016-2017

Precept application to be submitted by 18th December.  Cllrs to provide information re any additional expenditure to Cllr Rankmore before November meeting.


  1. Authorisation of Payments:
K & M Lighting Services – Maint October 2015 £61.15
Wendy Gray – Salary October 2015 £240.00
Wendy Gray – Tax October 2015 £60.00
PKF Littlejohn – External Audit £120.00
Steve Brown – BT Kiosk painting utensils £25.90
Open Spaces Society Annual Subscription £45.00
D Knibbs – Verge Clearance

D Knibbs – Spinney Clearance in readiness for tree planting




B Shrive – Petrol for Churchyard Mowers £104.52


Cllrs Donoyou and Strowbridge approved the above invoices for payment.


  1. Local Highways Improvement Scheme

Cllrs Donoyou and Holman to prepare relevant paperwork for submission.


  1. Street Lighting:

Note to go to Cllr Cummins to take forward.  The PC resolved to go for the Skanska survey on the basis that it is important to have some solid info on which to base the contract.  The PC understands that the survey will probably throw up far more work than the PC has immediate funds for.  Therefore, it was agreed that the survey could usefully prioritise its findings into the following categories:


  1. Work which is immediately required to make the system safe.
  2. Interim works which could be carried out to bring the lighting system up to a workable standard (though not necessarily legislatively compliant) at minimum cost in the short term.
  3. Works which are necessary to make the system reasonably reliable.
  4. Works necessary to comply with current electrical standards.
  5. Works required to effectively control and manage electricity usage and to regulate lighting periods per 24 hrs and through the annual seasons.
  6. Works to bring all existing lights up to current legislative requirements.
  7. A medium to long term programme of works needed to bring the entire system to a compliant level of lighting throughout the entire conservation area.


The Parish Council also agreed that it would be helpful if Skanska could put a budget estimate on each priority to enable the PC to put together a short/medium and long term programme of fund raising to enable all the recommendations to be carried out over say a 10 year period.

Cllrs Smith, Cummins and Donoyou to get together re the new contract


  1. A605 Junction:

Nothing further to report.


  1. Planning:

15/01561/REM – Reserved matters for 3 lodges with access and landscape management at Elton Furze Golf Club, Bullock Road Elton PE7 3TT – No objection.


15/01556/FUL – Proposed stables at Billing Brook Barn, Oundle Road, Elton PE8 6SE – only point to note request that there is some form of landscaping to help blend buildings into surrounding landscape, no objection.


Cllr Smith provided information on the following planning applications:

Appletree Cottage – now approved

24 Chapel Lane – approved (2nd Application)

The Garage, Overend – approved

Bonsor Lodge – appeal rejected

Springfield Lodge – rejected

18 Vinco Terrace – extension to building approved, application for verge is still in abeyance


  1. Trees/Verges: 

Cllr Donoyou will prepare draft for grasscutting programme and submit at December meeting.


Tree application from HDC is 1 Rowan tree that is to be planted in private garden.


Update on the Spinney Scheme – following walk around we agreed that The Spinney should be re cut, trees removed in preparation for planting programme.  Work is now complete – Contractor has now removed all dead trees, 4 tree guards and trimmed grass as per request.


Next phase – trees/hedging due for delivery between 2nd – 6th November – we do need to do some digging works, man and digger may not materialise therefore may have to hire approx. £200 for a day before we can start planting.  It was proposed by Cllr Smith, seconded Cllr Holman that if this was the case Cllr Smith would email Cllrs to agree costs.


We will then need planting party.  Cllr Smith has details from Central Networks on location re underground works, may need to pick up cable detector to mark where cables are i.e. no wayleaves.


  1. Elton Bonfire Club:

Agenda item for next meeting.


  1. Liaison with Elton Society/Elton Estates:

Elton Society – Cllr Holman approached by Steve Brown, Elton Society re possible idea of having liaison meeting to talk about future events and plans for the village.  Cllrs thought good idea.


Elton Estates – next liaison meeting with the Council, possibly January.  Member of Parish Council would take the minutes, would suggest 3 Cllrs in attendance i.e. Chair, Vice Chair and 1 other (1 other could be rotated on availability).


  1. Telephone Mast:

Nothing further to report.


  1. Correspondence:

Letter from resident re overgrown hedge onto footpath (anonymous).


Email re Grand Fondu for 2016.


  1. Reports from Councillors:

Cllr Smith – suggestions for producing newsletter to the village – Cllrs Smith and Gentry will liaise and put something together to bring to the next meeting.


Cllr Donoyou – Footpaths – a gate has been erected across the bridleway to Wansford, it is passable but should be 3m in width.  Cllr Donoyou to provide details for letter to be sent to CCC.


Cllr Holman – Village Magazine, Cllr Holman will put together a draft article on the Spinney Works and Iron Bridge for next edition of magazine.   Article to be sent to Cllrs Smith and Donoyou for comment before submission



  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 17th November 2015


Meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.


Signed: ………………………………                             Date: ……………………..