Minutes 21st July 2015





            Present: Cllrs Donoyou, Holman, Smith and Strowbridge


            In attendance: Mrs W Gray Parish Clerk, New Cllrs Amanda Owen, Mark Gentry.  School            Governors Carol Lindsay, Andrew Abbott, David Parkes, Architect Mr R Dimond.  Rebecca         Avery, Office of Police & Crime Commissioner, Brian Robins Camb Police, Gemma Clark          Camb Police and Mr I Kirk


  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs T Cummins, M Porter,  R Rankmore, District Cllr R Mathews, County Cllr M MacGuire


  1. Declaration of Interest: None


  1. Co-option of Councillors:  Two responses had been received re Vacancies – Amanda Owen and Mark Gentry.  Both candidates were asked to leave the room for Parish Council members to vote.  Cllr Holman proposed both candidates were co-opted onto Elton Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Strowbridge, all in favour.  Two candidates were asked to return to meeting – Parish Clerk issued forms to be completed by each candidate.


  1. Rebecca Avery – Police Commissioners Office:  Rebecca introduced herself and gave an insight into the role she carries out. Since January appointed by Sir Graham Bright to look after outreach areas.  SGB arrive in office December 2012, managing Police Budget responsibility of setting council tax precepts etc.  Setting policing strategy idea behind them add democratic element to the Government ie voice of the public.  Her role is to assist his role working with volunteer groups, parish councils.  SGB isn’t able to interfere how police work, can look at trends and make recommendations.  More about saving money than spending look at 5% cut in next year, look at ways we can move on, need to prioritise things which harm general public and support general community.  Working with different areas 101 and policing team how we work together and making things better.

Crime Figures:  April – July 2014 (52) April – July 2015 (66)

Anti-social Behaviour:  2014 (23) 2015 (16)

Cllr Holman reported Elton had experienced theft of oil from tanks, damage and theft re break ins, lead stolen     from Church roof – cost of repairing listed building afterwards!!

Cllr Owen – Fly tipping – what can be done to help landowners.  Most of the tips now charge which has an     impact on people dumping rubbish.  Initially contact 101, work closely with councils, look at trends, try to       establish where coming from.  Cllr Smith proposed letter is sent to Huntingdon and Peterborough picking up          Amanda’s point trying to get some dispensation for private vans to get rid of rubbish.  Seconded Cllr Holman.

Speeding through the village – Brian Robbins explained about Speedwatch Scheme that some 150 villages          have in place.  Close by to Elton the villages of Sibson-cum-Stibbington and Wansford are currently running      the scheme.  Cllr Holman – need to take to the village and get village involved and form speedwatch          committee.  Cllr Owen proposed, all in agreement.

Cllr Owen – if we went ahead with Speedwatch and results showed individuals consistently breaking the law           would we then be able to apply for traffic calming measures?  Very little effect on persistent speeding, but          need to be aware has visual impact.  Brian Robins will forward a copy of the guidelines on the scheme.


  1. Elton C of E School Planning Application:  Mr Dimond reported on progress to date – submitted application which has not been progressed and re designed application ie ascetics, gone through 6/7 design processes, looked at materials and how new access can work for the school and character and setting of the area.  Materials completely changed.  Conservation Officer and Planning Officer happy with design submitted at this stage.  New drawings produced for Parish Council to view.  All technical questions were answered but the main concern was increase in traffic and parking issues.  It was agreed that when submitting the next set of plans mention would be made of a “walking bus” and the School Governors confirmed that they wanted to work with the Parish Council on resolving all issues in particular parking.  Timescale: would like to see commence during October half term this year if not able to commence then February 2016.  Noted that Elton Estate were considering an extension to the Black Horse car park which would be licenced for school parking  Cllr Holman to contact Elton Estate to ascertain the progress of this in order that some joined up arrangements may be progressed.


  1. Minutes of 16th June 2015:

Cllr Donoyou proposed, seconded Cllr Strowbridge that above minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of meeting, all in agreement.


  1. Matters Arising from above minutes – update:

Parish Council Mower – Valuations still being obtained.


Phone Mast – Cllr Smith will look into possibly having a mast on the Spinney and will contact phone companies – still pending.


  1. YTD/monthly accounts v budget:

Expenditure to date is what is expected.


  1. Authorisation of Payments:


K & M Lighting Services – Maint July 2015 £61.15
Wendy Gray – Salary July 2015 £240.00
Wendy Gray – Tax July 2015 £60.00
A Flatters – Grass cutting July 2015 £445.00
D Knibbs – Verge Clearance 23rd June 2015 £180.00
Suffolk Acre – Insurance Renewal £346.99


Cllrs Donoyou and Strowbridge approved the above invoices for payment.


  1. Street Lighting:

Contractor has done his annual check, cleaned all globes and replaced bulbs where not working on the             following street lights:

9004 – Botolph Green, 9007 – Overend, 9009 – Overend.  Replaced with new Halogen bulbs which should

give out equivalent to 120 w.


            New Contract still to be drafted.


  1. A605 Junction:

Nothing further to report but noting that CCC have responded to our MP’s letter .


  1. Planning:

Cllr Smith forwarded spreadsheet to all Cllrs, clerk confirmed all up to date.


15/00306/FUL – Demolition of garage buildings and erection of two detached dwellings and garages at The Garage, Overend, Elton PE8 6RU – no further comments to make.


15/000937/HHFUL – Installation of new retaining structure at 18 Vinco Terrace, Elton PE8 6RT – Cllr        Donoyou proposed, seconded Cllr Holman “concerned about infringing on the highway verge and       structure is inappropriate for conservation area.”


  1. Trees/Verges: 

Report from Tree Warden:

The Sumac + suckers outside Chapel Cottage – should be removed completely…it is an ornamental, non native (introduced from America in 1629!) and adds little to the street scene or wildlife value and is a pain to mow around!

The apple outside Pembroke – as can be seen, pruning fruit trees on non selected rootstocks simply adds to their vigour!  I do not think this tree was planted by the Parish Council.  Heavy pruning will simply result in strong re – growth.  When I have time, I will trim the branches around the wires.

Lime tree outside Chapel Cottage – this is a semi mature and healthy tree.  The branches closest to the road have been hit by a high sided vehicles and one or two are dead/dying.  Since this are twiggy in size, and away from the path I do not think they pose a threat to people or vehicles.

 Lime tree outside Pembroke – this is a vigorous tree.  It is perfectly natural for there to be some die back and most of it is twiggy in nature and therefore not a great risk.  However, there are one or two quite large branches on the Pembroke side that are clearly dead/dying but because there is so much growth around them, it is difficult to see the extent of the branch.  It is of a height that cannot be reached by hand held pruning saws.  Therefore a tower, cherry picker or climber will be required to remove.  I would estimate the cost to be around £200.

Lime tree beside Park entrance – this is a hybrid lime and therefore it has hybrid vigour and hence the heavy suckering at the base.  There are areas of twiggy die back but no significant dead branches that I could see that present a risk to life and limb!  Whilst the suckering is unsightly to some, it does give an excellent over-wintering habitat to insects/ invertebrates!  I would recommend removing a third of the suckers in rotation each year.

Ornamental trees outside 11 Middle Street – not planted by the Parish Council and poorly pruned resulting in bushy growth.  Some twiggy branches are touching BT wires.  When I get time, I will lightly prune from the ground with telescopic secateurs!

The care of these trees requires some expertise and therefore is not suitable work for the grass cutting contractor.  There are many trees that, now the scrub clearance has taken place, can be seen to be dead and these should be removed (we were going to have a joint walk) and this is work that the grass contractor could undertake.


Weeds on re seeded area on Stocks Green – grass seed has not taken that well, weeds are now growing, need to be handpicked and more grass seed put on and raked in – need working party or contractor.  Grass seed “non rye grass mix” Cllr Donoyou proposed contractor is asked to carry out works at a cost of £50, seconded Cllr Holman all in favour.


Sub Station – adjacent to the Spinney – need to obtain plans of any cables in the ground prior to any hedge planting that may be available in the Autumn .  Clerk to contact Central Networks.


  1. Broadband:  No further news at present, cabinets have been rewired.


  1. Coopers Hospital:  Parish Council asked at last meeting whether Cllr Holman could become nominated trustee – response received from Coopers Hospital that each trustee holds their position for four years therefore Mr Burgess and Mr Kirk remain as trustees until 2016 and 2017 respectively.


  1. Parish Council/Elton Estates Liaison Meeting held on 6th July 2015:  at time of meeting no notes of meeting had been received from Mike Holland.  Cllr Holman commented EE were in support of footpaths and support for use of Black Horse Car Park to be used by School.


  1. Correspondence:

Local Highway Improvement Scheme email 15.7.2015 – Agenda item for September meeting

Highways Depot Open Day email 16.7.2015

Highway Spraying email 6.7.2015

Public Rights of Way Grass cutting email 3.7.2015


  1. Reports from Councillors:

Letter from Shaleish Vara MP – Cllr Smith will draft a response and submit to Cllrs before submission.


Iron Bridge going back towards Nassington is closed, closed by CCC.  Structural engineer declared unsafe,            now closed.  Cllr Donoyou wrote to Heather Smith from Northampton County Council, not yet had a reply but            has spoken with her verbally, did say would be expensive.  How much will it cost to make it safe, we can look at raising money through landfill tax if felt strongly about it.  Cllr Donoyou has been in contact with several        people ie for professional help and will pursue and see how relevant land tax is to us as well.


            Elton Estates Meeting – Footpath from Elton Mill to Warmington – WI served notice on Elton Estates, CCC       unable to progress through lack of staff, Sir W Proby said did not have a problem and does not know what          hold up is.  Cllr             Donoyou will draft a letter to Northampton County Council.


Look at areas for sporting activities to be carried out, nowhere in the village for anyone to have a kick about.         If proposal to move cricket pitch need to have planning application etc?  Parish Council to look at site/get           more use on it!


Cllr Holman closed the meeting welcoming the new Cllrs on board.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 15th September 2015


Meeting closed at 10.25 p.m.


Signed: ………………………………                             Date: ……………………..