Annual Parish Meeting 20th May 2014



The Annual Parish Meeting of Elton Parish Council took place in the Highgate Hall on Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 7.30 p.m.




PRESENT:  Cllrs Burgess, Donoyou, Doughty, Kirk, Shrive and Todd


BY INVITATION:  Mrs L Porter was in attendance, PCSO Barry Chamberlain


IN ATTENDANCE:  Mrs W Gray Parish Clerk and 3 members of the public


  1. APOLOGIES: Cllrs Porter and Strowbridge


  1. NOTES OF MEETING 2013 – Cllrs  proposed that the notes of the meeting were signed.


  1. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:  The Chairman read out his report to the Councillors and again reiterated his thanks to support he had received from council members in particular those that would not be re standing this year.


  1. AUDITED ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDING 31ST MARCH 2014 – The accounts have been completed by the Parish Clerk and the Internal Auditor.  The Parish Clerk read through the accounts and confirmed that these were now available for public viewing.  It was agreed that a Councillor/Councillors would be in attendance with the Parish Clerk if any members of the public wished to view.  It was agreed that the accounts will be signed off at AGM on 3rd June 2014.


  1. ANY OTHER BUSINESS – a question was raised about speeding signs through the village.


The meeting closed at approx 8.15 p.m.




Signed: ……………………………….Chairman




Date:    ……………………………….



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