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Meeting March 2011


Present: Cllr J Burgess
Cllr C Doughty
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk – Vice Chairman
Cllr M Porter
Cllr R Shrive
Cllr R Todd
Cllr C Truman – Chairman

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk)

The Chairman opened the meeting with a letter he had received from Mr Adams who had tendered his resignation. As requested his letter was read out to other members of the council. Proposed resignation accepted, seconded Cllr Burgess all in favour. Cllr Truman will respond to Mr Adams and thank him
for his contribution to the Parish Council. It was agreed that an advert would be placed advertising the vacancy.

1. Apologies for Absence:
PCSO Barry Chamberlain

2. Declaration of Interest:

3. Matters Arising:
Minutes of 15th February 2011
Cllr Shrive proposed minutes agreed, seconded by Cllr Hidderley, all in favour.

4. Matters arising from the minutes of 15th February 2011:
Bus Shelter – Still pending.
5. Authorisation of Payments:
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Wages January/February 2011 £275.92
MHB Services – Maint 1st March 2011 £47.00
Highgate Hall – Hire of Annexe £11.00

Cllr Hidderley proposed above payments were made, seconded Cllr Porter, all in
favour that expenditure approved.

6. Finance:
The Parish Clerk has agreed contract with E-on subject to Parish Council approval.
Direct Debit mandate to be set up. Proposed Cllr Kirk, seconded Cllr Burgess, all in favour.

Grasscutting – quotation received for this next financial year of £250 per cut.
It was agreed 6 cuts for the year any additional cuts to be requested through the Parish Clerk. Cllr Kirk proposed quote accepted, seconded Cllr Burgess, all in favour.

7. Planning:
1100169LBC – Move non-structural partition wall at 19 Chapel Lane, Elton – no
objections were raised.

8. Correspondence
Cllr Training with other Parish Councils – list of courses to be obtained for circulation at next meeting.

Highway Wardens – further information to be requested.

9. Meeting with Elton Estates:
No meetings have taken place since last reported. For the future itemise items for discussion i.e. from Councillors like parking/damage to verges on Stocks Green.

10. Reports from Councillors:
Report received from PCSO Barry Chamberlain, details passed on to Councillors.

Cllr Shrive –
 large pot hole near Coopers Hospital on Overend
 white posts at top of School Lane, 3 have been broken and need replacing, clerk to contact Highways.

Cllr Burgess –
 Flytipping Wansford Road – clerk to contact highways
 Signs for Greenhill Road re dog fouling, clerk confirmed these had already been requested

Cllr Todd –
 Allotments – Cllr Truman reported that no further interest had been received from original request

Cllr Kirk –
 Bus delivering children to school dropping off at Overend, damage has been caused to verges by bus turning round, we need to monitor this
 Verge clearance along Oundle Road, who is responsible for clearing, branches, tree stumps and mounds of earth – clerk to contact highways

Cllr Doughty –
 Parking and damage to verges on Stocks Green, new resident has moved in there are now 3 cars parked in front of properties making it difficult for cars to pass and causing further damage to Stocks Green

Cllr Truman –
 Letter had been sent to Elton Society giving support to their application for grant re heritage project
 Pot holes on road towards Red Bridge
 Would like Parish Council to think about what it does, what it wants to do, bring ideas along to next meeting.

The meeting closed at approx. 9.35 p.m.

11. Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 19th April 2011