Minutes 2007 May


Minutes of the meeting of Elton Parish Council on 15th May 2007

Minutes 2007 May


Councillors Bense, Burgess, Dalgleish, Elvin, Hidderley, Kirk, Nicholson, Mason, Porter and Rankmore



Mrs W Gray, Cllr MacGuire


The current Chairman, Cllr Hidderley stood down from the chair and asked if there were any nominations for Chairman.  Cllr Hidderley proposed Cllr Elvin, Cllr Burgess seconded the nomination.


Cllr Hidderley asked if there were any further nominations.  Cllr Nicholson proposed Cllr Mason, Cllr Rankmore seconded.


There were no further nominations.


A secret ballot then took place.  The Parish Clerk counted the nominations and the vote was as follows:


Cllr Elvin 6 votes, Cllr Mason 4 votes.  Cllr Elvin was then elected Chairman.


Cllr Elvin then took over the meeting and asked for nominations for Vice Chairman.  Cllr Burgess proposed Cllr Kirk, seconded by Cllr Hidderley.  There were no other nominations therefore Cllr Kirk remains as Vice Chairman.


Cllr Kirk thanked Cllr Hidderley for all the work he has done as Chairman.  Cllr Hidderley intends to remain on the council.  Cllr Elvin also thanked Cllr Hidderley for all the work he has done as Chairman.



Cllr Jones



Minutes 17th April agreed – proposed Cllr Hidderley, seconded Cllr Burgess.





Shanks Waste Management – 13th December 2006                            £197.38)

Shanks Waste Management – 16th February 2007                                £23.50)          £220.88

Lambes Lawnmowers                                                                         £371.04           £371.04

Highgate Hall – 20th March (2 meetings)                                              £13.00             £13.00

BCN Multiclean – 16th April                                                              £275.00)

BCN Multiclean – 7th May                                                                 £275.00)          £550.00

Wendy Gray – Wages April/May 2007                                                                      £209.99

TOTAL         £1364.91


Balance Tracker Account as at 14.5.07 – £9,247.02

Balance Community Account as at 14.5.07 – £1,383.52

Proposed for payment Cllr Hidderley, seconded Cllr Kirk.


Long discussions took place with regard to our budget and where we stand this year with regards our cashflow.  All unanimously agreed that we need to see a copy each month of current balance sheet, proposed expenditure.


Cllr Elvin updated the meeting on discussions he has had with Emma Murden.



Letter received from Mrs Rankmore regarding state of trees outside Pembroke Cottage.  Cllr Hidderley confirmed that he had spoken with Richard Donoyou, Tree Warden who was working on making an appraisal of the trees in the village.  Cllr Hidderley had also spoken with Sarah Hankins with a view to have a go at some of the obvious problems with the Apple Tree.  Clerk to contact Jason Tyrrell from the County Council and seek some indication when work would be done.  Enquire from BT to see if they will take any responsibility.  Mr Donoyou Tree Warden to be invited to next meeting.



Two planning applications received and circulated to council members.



Skip has been collected – no replacement to be obtained yet.  Will look at later in year.  Steps for the skip to be left where they are for time being.  It is hoped that we would have a skip again in the future but in the meantime villagers can apply to HDC to have 2 green compost bins per household.



Street light outside Pages Passage to be connected to electricity first week in June.  Further two lights reported not working.  Old lantern has been found, letter sent giving address to where old lantern should be delivered to. Unanimously agreed that we should write to company and ask that they should bear some of the cost incurred bearing in mind time taken to repair and at this moment in time still provide power to.  Parish Clerk to check insurance to see if we can claim and code of conduct with regards to response times.


Due to funding grass cutting to be put on hold until next meeting.  Clerk to advise BCN Multiclean.  Cllr Kirk offered to keep the greens cut using the Church Lawnmower.  Letters to be sent to County Council, BCN Multiclean and Sir William Proby.



Circulated to councillors.



Cllr Burgess will seek further information for Parish Clerk re deeds.  Unanimously agreed this to be put on hold temporarily.



BMF – Cllr Nicholson would like to thank everyone in the village and Elton Society who gave up their time to attend the meeting in Huntingdon.  Would like it placed on record that the Elton Society people represented the village magnificently together with the Parish Council and it was right and proper that we did this.


Cllr Bense confirmed licence granted in its entirety but subject to conditions which will be confirmed in writing.  Cllr Bense went through conditions that were agreed.  The traffic would be directed through village.  Make an agenda item for next meeting to debrief on event.  Cllr Bense reiterated that we need to make sure that complaints with to the supplied telephone numbers are logged over the weekend and not after the event.


Cllr Rankmore – experience gained here puts us in a stronger position and what we need to do in the future.


Cllr Kirk and Cllr Hidderley confirmed they would be visiting the site over the weekend and would report back to the council their findings.


Cllr Bense talked us through Noise Monitoring Report.


Cllr Nicholson commented on the rubbish by the school an entrance into churchyard.  Cllr Dalgleish confirmed the rubbish belonged to the school (a large bird kept emptying bins) the school had written to District Council but could take 2/3 years for a bin to be supplied.  Parish Council will write to District Council to see if they can obtain bins on behalf of the school.  Suggest speak to Sir William Proby with regards to tree and rubbish on right hand side of gate going into churchyard from School Lane, as he provided new gates perhaps he would be interested in helping to clean up this area and also bank near Vinco Terrace.


Aeroplanes from Sibson – discussions evolved with regards to the amount of times aeroplanes are flying over, how low they fly and noise levels.  It was suggested that Cllr Mason who had dealings over this issue before would draft a letter to the CAA and Department of Transport and Sibson Aerodrome and perhaps also copy in HDC which could be sent on behalf of the Parish Council.  Proposed Cllr Rankmore, seconded Cllr Nicholson.


Wooden Litter Bins – Cllr Mason offered to replace inners at the last meeting but these are beyond repair.  Brought in some samples to choose from, he would be quite happy to donate 3 bins to the village.  Cllrs chose black/gold in similar keeping to rest of bins around village.  Proposed Cllr Rankmore, seconded Cllr Hidderley.  All Cllrs offered their thanks to Cllr Mason for his generous donation.







19th June at 8.00 p.m.


The meeting closed at approx 10.05 pm




Signed: ……………………………….Chairman




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