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Minutes 21st January 2014




Present:   Cllrs R Doughty, R Donoyou, I Kirk, R Todd, R Shrive


In Attendance:   Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk), District Cllr N Guyatt


  1. Apologies for Absence:

Cllr M Porter, County Cllr M McGuire.


  1. Declaration of Interest: Cllr Donoyou item 9.

Cllr Donoyou updated Cllr Guyatt on situation with Stocks Green.


Resolution was made that Parish Council will pay fees to obtain information from Land Registry to find out if any further land has been registered by Elton Estates.  Cllr Shrive proposed, seconded Cllr Doughty, all other Cllrs in favour.


The Parish Council were in receipt and all had read email with enclosure from resident concerning Stocks Green.


Matters Arising:


  1. Co-option of Councillor:

Email received from resident had been circulated to all Cllrs, it was unanimously agreed to invite resident to next PC meeting to officially co-opt onto the Parish Council.


The Parish Council will not be advertising the vacancy left by the resignation of Mr C Truman.


  1. Street Lighting:

Street Lighting – email received from Balfour Beatty – Parish Clerk to contact Cllr McGuire seeking his assistance with this.


  1. Website:

Website is progressing, looking at putting map of what grass areas are maintained by PC and CCC, list of street lights owned by PC and perhaps include copy of Village Magazine.


  1. Minutes of 17th December 2013:

Comments from ex Cllr were noted and Cllrs unanimously agreed that the minutes should remain as read, proposed Cllr Shrive, seconded Cllr Doughty, all in favour.


  1. Matters arising from the above minutes:

Willowbrook footpath – awaiting information.


  1. Authorisation of Payments:
Wendy Gray – Salary January 2014


Highgate Hall – Hire of Annexe – Nov/Dec 2013


K & M Lighting Services – January 2014


A Flatters – removal of 2 trees at top of School Lane


R Donoyou – Maps from Land Registry



Cllr Kirk proposed above invoices approved for payment, seconded Cllr Todd, all Cllrs in agreement.


  1. Planning:

1301907LBC and 1301906FUL – Proposed alteration works and single storey rear extension to dwelling at Manor House, 19 Chapel Lane, Elton PE8 6RE – The parish council notes:
1. That the form of construction, general proportions and zinc roof are very different from the stone and collyweston slate of this grade II listed building.
2. Despite the increased height of the south boundary wall, the roof will still be glimpsed from the footpath which runs from Chapel Lane to School Lane, at the Chapel Lane end and more panoramically from the approach from School Lane, where the land is considerably higher.  Thus, the development will have an impact on the conservation area.
3. The site plan may be inaccurate in that the garden of this property extends to the parcel of land due east of that edged in red.  Therefore, the curtilage of the listed building may be larger than indicated.


1301882FUL – Demolition of existing poultry broiler farm and redevelopment including erection of 6 poultry breeding units with linkways, feed silos, 3 general buildings, associated infrastructure and engineering works to include hardstandings and attenuation ponds at Hostel Farm, Wansford Road, Elton PE8 6RJ – the Parish Council would like to see roof and silos Black in colour.


1301993LBC – Remodel existing flat roofed extension at 15 Chapel Lane, Elton PE8 6RE – the Parish Council have no further comments to make.


  1. Trees:

Replace hawthorn tree for a red 1, tree has been ordered from HDC.


3 more Lime trees have been ordered, 2 from previous order have been re potted ready for replanting (5 trees in total) possibly look at planting on wide verge by Highgate Hall.


Clearing of verges – quotes to be obtained – to be received for consideration at next meeting so that work can commence some time in March.  Cllrs Donoyou and Doughty will mark trees that need to be cut down.


  1. Correspondence:

Great War Commemoration – Parish Clerk to establish what HDC/CCC are doing.


Vision for Elton Church – Parish Clerk and Cllr Kirk to be represent the Parish Council.


Draft Nene Catchment Management Plan – Cllr Donoyou produced a response, all Cllrs happy with response. Cllr Donoyou will send off on behalf of Elton Parish Council.


Litter Pick – this has already been arranged by Elton Society.


  1. Reports from Councillors:

Footpaths – complaint – path from Church to Elton Hall now closed, padlocked and electric fence around it.  Cllr Donoyou will supply map to see where footpaths were in 1977 for all Cllrs to see

at next meeting.


Status of Greenhill – Cllr Donoyou will find out.


Cycling Grant – if we organise an event that involves the village the CC will give us £500.  We need village and family cycling event.  Possibly have a “Vinco Bike” on display.  Cllr Donoyou will investigate further.


Red Bridge – fence far side of the river (fence is down).  Cllr Donoyou will take photo for PC to advise appropriate authorities.


Lifeline Telephone.  Understood a presentation to be made to Elton Society which has resolved to help fund.


Telephone Mast – can we investigate further possibilities for village.


Meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 18th February 2014





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