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Minutes December 2011


Present: Cllr J Burgess
Cllr R Donoyou
Cllr B Doughty
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk
Cllr M Porter
Cllr R Shrive
Cllr R Todd

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk), Cllr N Guyatt and one member of the public

1. Apologies for Absence:
Cllr C Truman
PCSO Barry Chamberlain

2. Declaration of Interest:
No declarations of interest declared.

3. Minutes of 15th November 2011:
Cllr Hidderley proposed minutes accepted as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Porter, all in favour.

4. Matters arising from the above minutes:
The Spur – Parish Clerk to process paperwork with Land Registry.

5. Authorisation of Payments:
Highgate Hall, Hire of Annexe 20th September £12.00
John Plowright, Grasscutting October £250.00
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Salary £160.00
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Tax £120.00
MHB Services – Maint 1st December 2011 £53.08

Proposed payments approved Cllr Hidderley, seconded Cllr Burgess, all in favour.

6. Planning:
1101866FUL – Installation of photovoltaic solar panel system in paddock to rear
of property Springfield, Greenhill Road, Elton PE8 6SA – “The proposed solar array is large and over 3 x the height of a typical garden fence. It will be seen by a number of householders, though will not be visible from public views. However, there are a number of paddocks in and around the conservation area that are very visible from public viewpoints. The parish council is concerned that similar proposals would be difficult to resist, should this proposal be approved. The parish council in principle would wish to support renewable energy schemes and notes that the main house on the site of this proposal has large areas of quite steeply sloping, south facing roof. The parish council notes that the Huntingdonshire District Council development plan has quite specific policies for the protection and enhancement of conservation areas, but does not have specific policies relating to solar panel arrays. The parish council would therefore wish to oppose this proposal but advise that an array of solar panels to the south facing roof slopes of the property concerned would, in principle, meet with approval.”

1101867FUL – Removal of hedge and replacement of garage with new oak frame
garage/log store at Trinity Cottage, 14 Duck Street, Elton PE8 6RQ – no objections raised but if hedge is removed it should be replaced with more manageable fencing.

7. Special Projects:
No additional items added.

8. Trees:
Cllr Donoyou is still to speak with resident from Carysfort Close.

9. Correspondence:
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – meeting on 11th January 2012 at Highgate Hall, Cllrs Burgess and Kirk will attend.

CCC – Street Lighting – no comments.

Footpath Update received from Lynda Porter and invoice received of work carried out to date.

10. Meeting with Elton Estates:
No report.

11. Reports from Councillors:
Cllr Doughty – agricultural traffic travelling at high speeds along Duck Street, vehicle being driven by 17 year old. Need to make relevant authorities aware for next Harvest time. Also need to monitor traffic along Middle Street and Back Lane. Parish Clerk to advise PCSO and Highways of our concerns.

Date of Next Meetings:
Tuesday 17th January 2012 – Apologies from Cllrs Donoyou and Hidderley as unable to attend this meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.
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