Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 2007 May


Minutes of the extraordinary meeting of Elton Parish Council at Highgate Hall on 8th May at 8.00 p.m.

Extraordinary Meeting 8th May


Councillors Bense, Burgess, Dalgleish, Elvin, Hidderley, Kirk, Mason, Nicholson, Porter and Rankmore



Mrs W Gray, Mr C Ward and Mr J Lunn, Mr R Bates (Live Promotions), Mrs L Crossley (Elton Hall) Members of the Public


Cllrs Jones



Application for Premises Licence, Elton Hall – BMF Roadshow 18th – 20th June

Reason for meeting – Cllr Hidderley and Cllr Kirk were invited to Elton Hall to discuss above and decided an extraordinary meeting was needed.


Cllr Hidderley introduced Colin Ward from Live Promotions to speak and advised that he would take questions from the public afterwards.


Mr Ward explained a little about his company and that they were approached in February this year by Andrew Mercer CEO, East of Engalnd Agricultural Society.  The East of England showground is currently going through an £8m refurbishment and is unable to accommodate the Memba Rally for this year.  Mr Ward confirmed that the Memba Rally would be camping at Elton Hall and the purpose of the licence was to provide food, drink and entertainment.  Mr Ward then introduced Mr Lunn and Mr Bates and they explained what their roles are.


Cllr Hidderley then asked for questions from the councillors.


After lengthy discussions the main questions arising were noise levels, traffic problems, drink driving, information website.


Mr Ward and his colleagues were able to confirm that the noise levels would be monitored to comply within regulations.  With regards to traffic problems it was proposed that the motor cyclists be given a route which would avoid the village (along the A605 and into Elton Hall).  Proposed Cllr Nicholson, seconded Cllre Bense.  Mr Bates would speak with the Police and arrange for relevant signage indicating this.  Drinking and driving – if the licence is agreed then there will not be the necessity for the members to leave the grounds as all of this will be provided.  Mr Lunn would look at the website and ensure it is updated with correct information.


Cllr Hidderley opened the meeting and asked for any questions from members of the public who were in attendance, the questions were of a similar nature.


Cllr Hidderley asked for a vote from councillors to continue with the objection of the licence being issued – 5 councillors voted.


Cllr Hidderley asked for a vote from councillors to agree to the licence being granted – 5 councillors voted.


Cllr Rankmore arrived late at meeting but was able to vote.


The meeting closed at approx 9.30. p.m.




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