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Minutes July 2010


Present: Cllr J Burgess
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk – Vice Chairman
Cllr C Truman – Chairman

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk), Mrs L Porter, Mr R Shrive

1. Apologies for Absence
Cllr M Porter
PCSO Barry Chamberlain

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Minutes of 15th June 2010
One small amendment made, Cllr Burgess proposed minutes agreed, seconded by Cllr Kirk, all in favour.

Planning Application Elton C of E School – application has been submitted now but they were advised by the Diocese and the Builder that none would be required.

4. Authorisation of Payments
P E Coles (work on village green) ALREADY PAID £2,019.82
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Wages & Exp. June/July 2010 £209.97
Moore Stephens – Annual Audit £158.63
MHB Services – Maint 1st July 2010 £46.02
John Plowright – grasscutting June/July 2010 £500.00
Highgate Hall – Hire of annexe 18th May/15th June 2010 £22.00

Cllr Hidderley proposed payments were made, seconded Cllr Kirk, all in favour.

5. Finance
Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Scheme – nothing for 2010/2011. Cllr Kirk requested we ask PCSO to carry out speed checks in Duck Street, Back Lane and Middle Street to see if this warrants any form of speed restriction in the future.

Electricity – further quotes requested, none received, forms not completed for EDF, await their invoice.

6. Planning
1001033S73 – Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 0501293FUL to continue use and retain buildings for a further 5 years, Sibson Airfield, Wansford Road, Sibson – no objections, all in favour.

1001071FUL – Change of use of cattle shed for storage of up to 10 caravans,
Sheepwalk Farm, Oundle Road, Elton – response to be sent that the Parish Council are concerned for the impact on the existing bridleway of the additional traffic from the proposed storage facilities along with the potential for access to be opened for other less desirable purposes such as 4×4 “off road” activity. The Parish Council would request that HDC take this into account and impose suitable restrictions in the event that this application is granted – all in favour that this response should be sent.

7. Reports from Councillors
Linda Porter brought Councillors up to date with progress regarding Parish Paths and advised that John Cooper is trying to do as much as possible to make improvements in the village. Linda is still trying to meet with Sir William Proby to decide on what type of gate is to replace gate that was broken down by the river.

Cllr Burgess asked if Warmington still had fishing rights at end of footpath, if so using as a public footpath anyway.

Cllr Truman will give Linda a call to keep her updated when he has meetings with Sir William Proby of what is happening with regard to footpaths.

PCSO Barry Chamberlain was unable to attend meeting but had sent in a report of his activities in the village which was circulated to all Councillors.

PCSO Barry Chamberlain had telephoned clerk re the Gated Road to advise that the tenants want to put gates back to help prevent fly tipping. HDC have no funds available but tenants are prepared to fund. Walkers will still be able to use side gate. Parish Council were not happy with proposal as road is a public right of way for vehicles – clerk to reply to PCSO with their concerns.

Cllr Burgess enquired what was happening with regards to voting on of new councillors. Initially it was suggested a separate meeting would be held as the next official Parish Council meeting is not until September. It was then unanimously agreed that a private vote (placed in sealed envelope) would be made and the envelopes posted through Chairman’s letterbox. These will be opened by the Chairman in the presence of the Vice Chairman and Parish Clerk. If necessary the Chairman will take casting vote.

Cllr Kirk asked if an update could be sought on what is happening with proposed repairs to pathway from Greenhill Road along Highgate Hall. Parish Clerk to chase.

The meeting closed at approx. 9.40 p.m.

Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 21st September 2010
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