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Minutes July 2012


Present: Cllr J Burgess
Cllr R Donoyou
Cllr B Doughty
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk
Cllr M Porter
Cllr C Truman

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk)

1. Apologies for Absence:
PCSO Barry Chamberlain
Cllr R Shrive
Cllr R Todd

2. Declaration of Interest:

3. Minutes of 19th June 2012:
Cllr Porter proposed minutes accepted as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Kirk, all in favour.

4. Matters arising from the above minutes:
Report from HDC saying drains around the village had been cleared.

Reply from PCSO regarding speed checks around the village.

5. Authorisation of Payments:

Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Salary £160.00
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Tax £40.00
Zurich Insurance – Renewal £1628.35
Highgate Hall – Hire of Annexe – Invoice £17.00
P Taylor – Internal Audit £150.00

Proposed payments approved Cllr Donoyou, seconded Cllr Hidderley, all in favour.

The audited accounts were signed off and agreed by all Cllrs.

6. Planning:
No new planning applications received.

7. Getting Income into the Village:
To look into this in more detail in conjunction with Conservation and Localism Bill.

8. Conservation and Localism Bill:
Discussed briefly – Cllr Donoyou will produce a list of issues to be discussed at next meeting which can be put forward to Cllr Guyatt.

9. Allotments – Potential Site:
Cllr Burgess had identified a couple of sites i.e. down Chapel Lane, problem would be “rights of way” – Cllrs Burgess and Donoyou will look at these and report back at next meeting.

10. Trees:
HDC Diamond Jubilee Scheme – Cllr Donoyou has been in contact with the Landscape Officer at HDC re the possibility of obtaining some trees (free) for planting around the village. The trees will be native trees not ornamental. Cllr Donoyou will identify areas around the village and put forward a proposal.

11. Special Projects:
Covered above i.e. Allotments. List to be reviewed at next meetng.

12. Correspondence:
Second Letter from Mr Adams – response to be sent suggesting he attends next PC meeting in September when information will be to hand and he will be able to ask questions.

13. Meeting with Elton Estates:
No meetings held recently. Cllr Truman reported that Lynda from Elton Estates had passed away, would get a condolence card and send on behalf of Parish Council.

14. Reports from Councillors:
Report received from PCSO.

Cllr Doughty – Pumping Station on River Lane and surrounding area totally overgrown. Who owns the land! Letter to be sent to Anglian Water/Environment Agency re Pumping Station.

Cllr Doughty – would the Parish Council consider looking at the possibility of a Telephone Mast – the reception for the use of mobiles in the village is atrocious? This was discussed many years ago. Parish Clerk to check records and speak with mobile companies to see what procedure would be to resurrect.

Cllr Kirk – a request had been made by a resident for more Dog Bins to be placed
Around the village, particularly in Greenhill Road. The Parish Council had already investigated purchasing further bins and emptying by HDC but the cost involved will increase the council tax payments for all householders in the village by approx £10 per year. The Parish Council had decided that at this moment in time this was not an appropriate thing to do.

The meeting closed at 10.15 p.m.

15. Date of Next Meeting:
Tuesday 18th September 2012
Signed: ……………………………… Date: ……………………..