Minutes June 2010


Present: Cllr J Burgess
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk – Vice Chairman
Cllr C Truman – Chairman

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk), 2 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence
Cllr M Porter
PCSO Barry Chamberlain

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Minutes of 18th May 2010
Cllr Kirk proposed minutes agreed, seconded by Cllr Burgess, all in favour..

4. Authorisation of Payments
MHB Services Limited – Lighting Maint. 1.6.10 £46.02
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Wages & Exp. May/June £297.78
I Kirk – Petrol for Mower £25.70
Zurich Insurance – Renewal Premium £1,615.78
John Plowright – Grass cutting May 2010 £250.00

Cllr Kirk proposed payments were made, seconded Cllr Burgess, all in favour.

5. Finance
Cllr Truman asked for Finance to be placed as an agenda item as is very conscious of the erosion etc of our assets i.e. street lighting and to plan for the future to replace/repair assets. How can we raise money to build up funds to cover these costs.

a) Look at possibility of grant to continue work on the greens.
b) Replacement programme for street lighting.
c) Special functions – charge for use of green.

6. Planning
1000763FUL – Retention of mobile field shelter, two mobile stable and ménage, Land North of 37 Duck Street, Elton. – the application was discussed in detail and questions
asked of the proposer. The Parish Council made decision to view site on Tuesday 21st June before submitting response to planning. See copy e-mail with our response to above dated 23rd June 2010.
7. Councillor Vacancies
Applications to be reviewed and decision made at a further meeting on 21st June 2010.

8. Local Development Framework
The Parish Clerk had looked through the above – all land in question belongs to Elton Estates.

9. Reports from Councillors
Cllr Truman – had a meeting with Sir W Proby discussed Permissive Right of Way i.e. footpath through gate next to Angel House and is proposing to apply for Permissive Right of Way, if seen to have local support may help with proposal.

Graham Robinson re Gould’s land, looking at way to stop vandalism, investigating options such as provide stock proof gate on that land.

Allotments – if we receive any formal request we are obliged to lobby the District Council. Cllr Truman has spoken with Sir W Proby who does not have enough land available for allotments at the moment, we would need to know numbers of people wanting allotments initially. Notice to go on notice board “if more allotments can be made available if you are interested please give your name to the Parish Council”.

Cllr Kirk – reported hedge surrounding Mr Bizley’s property in need of cutting, now hanging over footpath. Letter to be sent.
Buddleia in Pages Passage – Mr Housden asked if Parish Council could arrange to cut back, he has done this over the years but is now unable to do so. Cllr Truman will arrange to cut back asap.

Request from Ashley Mather for sign to be placed on stalk of lamp post pointing down Middle Street advertising the Chapel. The Parish Council in principle have no objection.

The meeting closed at approx. 10.30 p.m.

Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 20th July 2010
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