Minutes May 2009


Present: Cllr C Bense
Cllr J Burgess
Cllr R Elvin (Chairman)
Cllr K Dalgleish
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk
Cllr M Nicholson
Cllr M Porter
Cllr R Rankmore
Cllr R Shrive
Cllr C Truman

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk)
Cllr M McGuire
PCSO Barry Chamberlain

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Election of Officers
Cllr Elvin stood down and handed meeting over to Parish Clerk.
The Parish clerk asked for nominations for position of Chairman.
Cllr Elvin proposed Cllr Truman, this was seconded by Cllr Hidderley.
Cllr Porter proposed Cllr Bense. Cllr Bense confirmed she was flattered to be nominated but would have to decline.
Cllr Burgess proposed Cllr Nicholson. Cllr Nicholson thanked Cllr Burgess for nominating her but would have to decline.
There being no other nominations the Clerk confirmed that Cllr Elvin proposed Cllr Truman, seconded by Cllr Hidderley, all in favour of Cllr Truman taking over as Chairman.

Cllr Truman responded that he would not be able to give as much of his time as his predecessor and as long as his fellow councillors were aware of this he would carry out the duties of Chairman to the best of his ability.

4. Minutes of 21st April 2009
Proposed minutes agreed Cllr Shrive, seconded Cllr Nicholson, all in favour.

5. Authorisation of Payments

MHB Services – Lighting Maint May 2009 £45.05
Mr P Taylor – Internal Auditor £100.00
BCN Multiclean – Grasscutting w/c 27th April 2009 £250.00
Highgate Hall Room Hire – 17/3, 31/3,1/4, 21/4 £35.00
Mr I Kirk – Belt for Church Mower, petrol £37.11
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – Wages/Exp April/May 2009 £200.00
TOTAL: £667.16

All above invoices agreed for payment – proposed Cllr Rankmore, seconded Cllr Nicholson, all in favour.

6. Highways
Cllr Elvin will update Cllr M McGuire and Cllr Truman on highways situation – what is still to be completed. Cllr M McGuire will also check with Accounts Dept of CCC in respect of invoice and reminders that are being sent prior to completion of works.

Cllr Elvin reported several working parties in the village today to look at tree and work required re verge near Highgate Hall. Richard Donoyou is liaising with Richard Kingston and Brian Ogden to establish who owns the verge and will report back to the Parish Council. Cllr Elvin will let Cllr Truman have correspondence to date on the above.

Cllr Kirk raised the subject of dropped kerbs – he now understands problems some people are encountering (not being mobile himself at the moment) using a buggy.
Cllr Bense suggested that we need to do a survey of where dropped kerbs are required
(i.e. opposite existing dropped kerbs), Cllr Kirk will with the help of Cllr Shrive carry out a survey around the village. When we have completed survey we can then approach Highways – Cllr Rankmore made the observation that we cannot fund this.

PCSO Barry Chamberlain reported there were no crimes during the last month.

7. Trees
Nothing to report.

8. Planning
Public Footpath – Local Enquiry – 18th August 2009 – Cllr Bense will put together response on Parish Council’s behalf and circulate to Councillors for their approval before deadline.

Planning Applications ref 0900510LBC and 0900509FUL – no objections from the Parish Council.

9. Composting
Review later in year – take off agenda until September.
Dead Xmas trees have been collected, several branches need collecting, Parish Clerk to contact HDC.

10. Street Lighting
Cllr Shrive has cement for securing bases of two street lights (working party week on Saturday). Clerk to contact MHB services to ascertain date for repairs of lights on Overend. Lighting should legally be disconnected by EDF (MHB Services taken decision not to disconnect).

Vandalism of Street Lights – quotes now received – letters to be sent to each individual requesting payment towards repairs – total cost to be split equally between 5 individuals with amendment to letter (“your share of this within 28 days”) to be added. Proposed Cllr Bense, seconded Cllr Rankmore.

11. Erosion of Greens & Verges
White post knocked down on School Lane, letter received from lady apologising for knocking it down. Cllr Elvin will pass all correspondence to Cllr Truman re works to date. Cllr Elvin will send acknowledgement to letter.

Grasscrete – money received from CCC – Cllr Elvin will pass correspondence to Cllr Truman on outstanding issues.

12. Invitations and Requests

13. Reports from Councillors
Cllr Porter – C & P Ramblers visiting Elton on 4th June, whilst welcome them to the village need to make them aware that Parish Council own the greens and encourage them to park elsewhere. Cllr Porter will contact organisers and offer suggestions of where to park.

Cllr Bense – pumping station area overgrown with weeds etc. Parish Clerk to ascertain who belongs to and request clearance.

Cllr Kirk – lawnmower taken to Lambe’s – will cost approx £300 t replace bearing.
Cllr Truman suggested we collect lawnmower from Lambe’s and source through
other contacts. Cllr Shrive will take Cllr Kirk to collect.

Cllr Elvin – will formally resign from council at next meeting. On receipt of resignation letter an advert for a replacement councillor will be processed.
Cllr Bense – would like to thank Cllr Elvin for being Chairman and the hard work he
has put in for the benefit of the village.

Cllr Nicholson – on walk around village and was shocked and disappointed to see state of School Lane (food waste had been tipped out near school) after all the effort that was put in on the Village Litter Pick. Cllr Dalgleish will have a word with Head Teacher, Cllr Elvin will follow up with e-mail to express our concerns.

14. Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 16th June 2009

The meeting closed at approx. 9.20 p.m.


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