Minutes September 2010


Present: Cllr J Burgess
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk – Vice Chairman

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk), Mr D MacDonald

1. Apologies for Absence
Cllr M Porter
PCSO Barry Chamberlain
Cllr Truman arrived approximately 8.30 p.m.

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Minutes of 20th July 2010
Cllr Hidderley proposed minutes agreed, seconded by Cllr Burgess, all in favour.

4. Authorisation of Payments
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Wages July/Aug 2010 – ALREADY PAID £200.00
MHB Services – Maint 1st August 2010 – ALREADY PAID £46.02
MHB Services – Maint 1st September 2010 £46.02
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Wages & Exp Aug/Sept 2010 £263.24
I Kirk – Petrol for mowers £33.94
John Plowright – Grasscutting – August 2010 £250.00

Cllr Hidderley proposed payments were made, seconded Cllr Burgess, all in favour.

Could we ask Mr Coles to take a further look at area of village green where grasscrete has been laid (grass not growing) proposed Cllr Hidderley, seconded Cllr Burgess.

5. Finance
Current expenditure and budget spreadsheet circulated.

All above expenditure approved.

6. Planning

7. Election of Councillors
Confirmation letter to be sent to the two councillors already elected. What was
agreed at last meeting has not happened. Decision taken that voting for the two
remaining places (one replacement declined as moving abroad) to be carried out at
next meeting – proposed Cllr Hidderley, seconded Cllr Burgess.

8. Allotments
Note had been placed on PC Noticeboard if land could be made available for
allotments, how many people would be interested. List of names and letters received –
Cllr Truman will follow up.

9. Traffic Speeding/Duck Street
PCSO had written in confirming that request had been made for monitoring to take place along Duck Street, Back Lane and Middle Street – timescale about 4 weeks from request. Parish Clerk spoke with individual in the vicinity on 22nd September who was fitting two speed monitors, 1 in Middle Street and 1 in Back Lane.

10. Play Area
Cllr Kirk raised issue of play area and who had relevant funding, he had been asked the question as some people in the village had been told the Parish Council had the money. Parish Clerk to write to originator of the scheme.

11. Meetings with Elton Estates
Cllr Kirk raised issue with regard to the Parish Council Chairman attending meetings on behalf of the Parish Council at Elton Hall. If no representative from Elton Hall
could not attend a Parish Council meeting Cllrs were of the opinion that at least two
Parish Councillors should then attend any meetings at Elton Hall.
Cllr Truman said he did not have a problem with two Councillors attending future meetings.

12. Reports from Councillors
Cllr Burgess registered concern about the road surface between Elton A605/East Northants, dangerous potholes. Is there anything we can do to get road repaired.
Parish Clerk to contact East Northants CC.

Cllr Truman had a telephone conversation from a resident whose son was preparing for his Duke of Edinburgh Award. There are three sections – one section is “helping in the community” is there anything the Parish Council can help with i.e. writing and signing off a report of help that individual has been in the community, are there any jobs that we could get individual to do?

Cllr Burgess had seen two individuals on top of the church tower the previous week – Cllr Truman commented that they may be architects looking at what repair work needs to be done but would look into the matter.

Cllr Kirk had been asked again about planning permission for building at the back of the school, Cllr Truman suggested he speak with Mr Shrive who was on the PTA and would most likely know the answer.

Cllr Kirk asked again if an update could be sought on what is happening with proposed repairs to pathway from Greenhill Road along Highgate Hall. Parish Clerk had e-mailed highways but no response received – Parish Clerk will chase yet again.

Cllr Kirk asked if highways could be contacted to ascertain what is happening if anything on our request re the accessibility for wheelchairs, look at installing dropped kerbs in certain areas of the village.

13. Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 19th October 2010.

The meeting closed at approx. 9.40 p.m.



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