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Minutes September 2012


Present: Cllr J Burgess
Cllr R Donoyou
Cllr B Doughty
Cllr R Hidderley
Cllr I Kirk – Vice Chair
Cllr M Porter
Cllr R Shrive
Cllr R Todd

In Attendance: Mrs W Gray (Parish Clerk) and Mr D Adams

1. Apologies for Absence:
PCSO Barry Chamberlain, Cllr C Truman

2. Declaration of Interest:
Cllr Donoyou – Planning Application All Saints Church

Cllr Burgess raised question that no there was no agenda item listed for meeting he attended – Parish Clerk confirmed would be raised under item 10.

3. Minutes of 17th July 2012:
Cllr Hidderley proposed minutes accepted as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Porter, all in favour.

4. Matters arising from the above minutes:
Pumping Station – awaiting responses
Telephone Mast – awaiting responses
Speeding through the village (Duck Street, Back Lane, Middle Street, Wansford Road and Overend – Although response received to our letter to PCSO no actions have been carried out.- letter to be sent to PCSO’s superior, proposed Cllr Shrive, seconded Cllr Doughty. Parish Clerk to send letter.

5. Correspondence:
Grasscutting – letters received from resident.

Cllr Kirk – all Councillors had read various correspondence received from resident.
Resident was asked to explain and expand on his letter.

Resident went through his letter to Parish Clerk of 19th June – the response he had received did not answer his questions.

Lawnmower – bought by Parish Council donated to Churchyard Committee for cutting grass in Churchyard by members of the committee Mr Kirk, Mr B Shrive and Mr R Shrive – not public use for anyone else. It was agreed at time of purchase that the mower would be funded by the Parish Council for repairs and petrol.

Footpath down to Red Bridge and Verge in front of allotments – these areas are not Highlighted on the Parish Council map for grasscutting in the village.

A copy of map handed to resident.

It was agreed that the Parish Clerk would contact highways regarding cutting the Footpath down to Red Bridge and ascertain exactly what areas in the village they are responsible for and schedule of times these areas are cut. Could we run mower along edge!

It was agreed that the Parish Clerk ask our contractor if he can add the verge in front of the allotments to his map and appreciate there may well be an increase on his current charge (we have paid him same amount for the last three years).

Proposed Cllr Hidderley, seconded Cllr Donoyou, all in favour to the above.

The resident was asked if he had any other questions to which he responded No.
Cllr Burgess commented that he appreciated the resident had attended the meeting.

6. Authorisation of Payments:
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Salary August/Sept £320.00
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk, Tax August/Sept £80.00
Wendy Gray – Expenses £61.76
Highgate Hall – Hire of Annexe – Invoice £17.00
K & M Lighting Services – Maint Sept 2012 £61.15
Masons Mowers Ltd – repairs £156.07
Mr Kirk – Drive belt/petrol for mowers £108.00
J Plowright – Grasscutting – August 2012 £250.00

Proposed payments approved Cllr Porter, seconded Cllr Hidderley, all in favour.

7. Planning:
1200282FUL – Replacement of lead coverings to aisle roofs and lead parapet gutter linings to Nave and Vestry/Organ Chamber at All Saints Church, School Lane, Elton. Mr Donoyou explained what work was scheduled to be done and that they have about four weeks to get contract started as Bats will then start hibernating and work would not be allowed to commence for another year – he would appreciate our response being sent to HDC Planning asap – response to HDC “no comments to make, no objections”.

1200375LBC – Replace all rotten windows with double glazed windows at The Coach House, 14A Middle Street, Elton – response to HDC “no comments to make, no objections”.

8. Trees:
Cllr Donoyou had discussions with HDC and obtained 60 trees – present plan if all in agreement will be to produce a map for next meeting of where potentially 20 trees could be planted in the first instance and gradually integrate planting plan. All in agreement.

9. Special Projects:
Parish Plan – Cllr Donoyou produced list of what we may require to be included in the plan:
Should Elton Have more Houses???
*More houses would help the school maintain its numbers and help the viability of the village shop, the pubs and bus and library services.
* But, already, 20th c and later houses outnumber traditional village houses by at least 5 to 1!
* Should all the vacant houses / cottages be re-furbished and occupied before more new houses are built…or as part of a development scheme, through for example planning agreements.
* Should there be a new housing estate, or more infill…or has there now been so much infill that it is changing the historic character of Elton?
* What sort of houses should there be…large detached, smaller family houses, owner occupied or social housing, or for specific groups such as the elderly?
* If there were to be more housing would it be possible to link it to the provision of new facilities such as a village play area, a football pitch or allotments???
* Should all new houses be in sympathetic materials such as stone walls and concrete collyweston ( Bradstone), pantiles and thatch…there are new thatch properties in Apethorpe and elsewhere??
* Are there any obvious places for a small new development of say 20-24 houses???
Agenda item for next meeting.

10. Correspondence:
Cllr Burgess attended Neighbourhood Planning meeting at Folksworth. Cllr Burgess from Elton and Cllr Pope from District/County Council were the only two people who turned up despite invitations being sent out to other councils. Cllr Burgess gathered some useful information particularly in relation to the Haddon Development and the impact increased traffic will cause on the roads by heavy vehicles. It was very disappointing that no other Cllrs attended as the intention for the meeting was to feed back our concerns to higher authorities.

Code of Conduct – forms received and circulated for all councillors to complete and return to the Parish Clerk as soon as possible for forwarding to HDC – the Parish Council have adopted HDC Code of Conduct.

Notification received from Lynda Porter – John Cooper has now resigned and Simeon Carroll will be moving from Fenland to cover the majority of Parish Paths in the Hunts Area. John Cooper had provided an update to Lynda on what work was left to do.

11. Meeting with Elton Estates:
No meetings held recently.

12. Reports from Councillors:
Report received from PCSO.

Report of street light on permanently – Parish Clerk confirmed that all lights are due to be checked by Maint Co to ensure all working for winter.

Drains – some have been cleared some (near PO and outside Garners) have not – drain outside Highgate House has been cleaned but there is cement lodged in it from Builders – could we ask them to clear.

Black Horse – since renovations not in keeping with rest of village, if listed building would assumed they needed listed building consent – change in use is an application needed, new sign erected. Parish Clerk to contact HDC for guidance.

Dog Bins – quotations to be obtained re purchase of new bin(s).

Footpaths – roots growing through path surfaces from Greenhill Road and along Highgate Hall, area in front of Potters Cottage in Middle Street. Highways to be advised.

The meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.

13. Date of Next Meeting:
Tuesday 20th November 2012
Signed: ……………………………… Date: ……………………..