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Message to residents:


To all residents

The Parish Council is very aware of recent concerns about anti-social behaviour around and on Stocks Green, Block Green, and the river. Whilst some may consider this to be a temporary issue exacerbated by the hot weather and the end of the school term, it is nonetheless an important matter we need to address.

The Parish Council own the village greens and has the responsibility for their maintenance and enhancement. However, the legal position regarding the restriction of public access is ambiguous and further legal clarification is being sought as a matter of urgency. But we can address the separate issue of anti-social and potentially dangerous behaviour immediately.

Examples of anti-social behaviour might be noise, shouting, swearing, driving in a careless way, litter, barbeques on public land, anti-social drinking…

The Parish Council has consulted directly with the local Police and Huntingdonshire District Council Community Protection and Enforcement. Both state that there have been few reports of a problem and as such, there is no record to flag the need for further action. The message is therefore clear: report it! You can do this in several ways.

Call: 101


Crimestoppers (anonymously): 0800 555 111

To report dangerous behaviour specifically at the Lock or on the bridge: 

Environment Agency 24 hr hotline: 0800 80 70 60

Unless the matter is reported multiple times it will not get flagged as a persistent issue. Please don’t rely on one person doing it on behalf of everyone. If it is safe for you to do so, take photos or video, and record registration numbers.

By working together and taking personal responsibility, we can safeguard the unspoilt beauty of our village and protect our friends and neighbours.

Richard Donoyou, Chair, Elton Parish Council